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Let's roll!

Super Sushi Roll is a 2D roll-a-ball platformer. Rotate your chopsticks and roll your sushi to the goal. Master the mechanics, mind the time limit, unlock new sushi rolls, and search for hidden collectibles

Key Features

  • Four areas each with different mechanics, music, and visuals.
  • Three hidden collectibles for each level. Can you find them all?
  • Eight sushi roll cosmetics to unlock.
  • Four game modes:
    • Classic: Choose an area and complete each level within the time limit.
    • Training: Hone your sushi skills and hunt for dessert collectibles in Level Select. You have infinite time and sushi.
    • Buffet Challenge: Play through all of the levels in the game with no extra sushi offered.
    • Dessert Challenge: A true challenge: just like Buffet Challenge, but every dessert is required before you can go to the next level.
  • One cat.


  • Input (keyboard & mouse)
    • Menu
      • Select = mouse left click
      • Back = mouse right click OR escape
    • In-Game
      • Move Sushi = A and D
      • Rotate = mouse x position
      • Pause = escape
  • Input (controller)
    • Menu
      • Select = A
      • Back = B
      • Navigate = left joystick OR d-pad
    • In-Game
      • Move Sushi = left joystick
      • Rotate = right joystick
      • Pause = start button


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